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2023 is going to be a great year in the game of slow-pitch softball... I am looking forward to continuing working with Rawlings Sports Company.. Working with the 4 companies that make up this fantastic Sporting Goods Company... When it comes to softball and baseball these 4 brands are right there at the top of the list when it comes to 110% Quality Product. Besides Miken just being born 25 years ago the other companies have been in the sporting good business for over a half a century. They know their business and I am very fortunate to work with these fine companies..

After the last couple of years, we are finally getting back to full systems go... Have plenty of equipment in stock and ready to go... So, if you need anything just reach out to any of our Reps we have involved with the brands. It is a pleasure for me to work with such great people like Brett Helmer and Jason Kendrick. This year the Sky is the Limit..

Below I have listed the Rawlings Senior Pro Staff that will be representing these great brands Rawlings, Miken, Worth, and Easton Sports.. These players will be playing across the country with their respective teams to try and win National Championships on the Senior Level... These players have been carefully chosen by the group located below....

We have the Easton Hit Lab Vans going all over the country. Those are taken care of by Mike Dill and Ronni Salcedo. Mie on the East half of the country while Ronni will handle the West.

You can check their Facebook page out and you can see where they will be during the 2023 season...You need to try and hook up with them at least once during the season and take advantage of the discount pricing that they will have... If you have any questions, you can reach out to any of our representatives with questions about the number one softball companies’ products!

Brett Helmer

Manager Sports Marketing

Jason Kendrick
Sales Manager, Slowpitch Softballs
Mike Macenko
National Sales/Senior Pro Manager
Mike Dill
Sports Marketing Specialist
Ronnie Salcedo
Sports Marketing Specialist



I have some additional pages for some of the Rawlings Senior Pro Staff.
If you click on their name below the picture it will take you to another page with a Bio and more info on the individual player..

Mike Dill
Chris Walker
Kirby Murphy

Dennis Rulli
Bob O'Brien
Mike Brambillia
Marieo Foster

Tom Langenhorst
Ronni Salcedo
Alan Tanner
Gary Deaton

Veronica Shaw
Bryan Goins
David Lohr
Victoria Schade

Cecil Whitehead
Todd Joerling
Eric Overstreet

Bill Sampolski
Brian Milstead
Duke Donaldson

Scott Morrison
Kevin Bazat
Lee Daniels
Brad Reckart

Jamie Gordon
Andrew Perino
Mickey Zarr
Matt Studer

Brian Brown
Chris Burrell


May 31-June9....(W) (R) (D) Great SmokyMountain Senior Classic, Knoxville, TN
June 18-23.....(R)(W)23rdAnnual WBSC Senior World Cup, Roanoke Valley, VA
July 17-21......(W) (D) USA Softball Senior National Championships, Burlington, NC
August7-11.....(R) (W) (D)30th Annual ISSA World Championships, Richmond, VA
Oct.15-20..(R)(W) 14th Annual ISSA US OpenNationalChampionships,MyrtleBeach,SC


Here we have the winner of the 2023 Mike Macenko / ISSA / Rawlings Sports Group
Home Run Derby Johnny Dykes. He is accompanied by
Mike Dill Sports Marketing Specialist and Mike Macenko the promoter of the ISSA and Rawlings Sports Home Run Challenges...


Here is some pictures of the Hitters At The Challenges


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